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           Who are we?

We are a retail store in Cincinnati OH, specializing in importing goods from France. Few products are made in other European countries.

          How can I pay online?

You may use Paypal, Square or Amazon as payment options.

          Is the online site secure?

Yes, it is secure.

If you use the Paypal payment option, you need not to have to have a paypal account to pay for your order on our site and no extra fees will be added to your total. If your total with shipping & handling is $10, your credit card will be charged $10.

            What credit cards do we accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

          Questions about Free Shipping

Free Shipping applies only if we send your full order as one package.
Example: if  3 soap bottles are ordered and we only have 2 in stock, the customer may ask us to send the 2 bottles in stock as one package
and the 3rd later when restocked,  but the smallest of the 2 packages will trigger a shipping fee which we indicate to the customer prior to processing the orders while the largest package( in this example, the 2 bottles) will be shipped with Free Shipping.

           Will the yardage I order be one piece?

yes it will be sent as one piece , for example if you order 3 yards of Oilcloth, coated cotton or any other fabric, you will receive one 3 yard long piece.

           Returning an item:

If you need to return an item, send us an email before sending the item back and wait for us to confirm you can return it. Return it in the same conditions you received it, We will inspect it once received before refunding you, this due to a very small minority of people who order an item to use once and then return it.  Shipping fees are not refundable.

           Can custom made items like tablecloths be returned?

No. Please order a swatch before ordering a custom made tablecloth?

           How to order a swatch?

Email us your name, address and the fabric SKU found under the description of the product on the product page, We send out for free small swatches.

           What is a treated  or coated fabric?

It is a material that has had one of the following treatments so it becomes water repellent and stain resistant: its main usage is tablecloth but can also be used to cover seats, benches, make tote bags, aprons. etc…
1. Acrylic coating  This is NOT Plastic,  NOT OiIcloth, NOT PVC, NOT Vinylized Fabric
A permanent coating applied to a printed cotton, that makes the fabric water repellent and stain resistant.For example an acrylic coated tablecloth can be wiped multiple times with a wet cloth and once you start seeing marks,
you can wash it in the washing machine as a regular color cotton, best not to put it in the dryer though manufacturers say they can be put in dryers on lowest most delicate cycle.
Can be ironed on the back.

You can feel the coating to the touch but it still keeps the feel of a cotton fabric. The coating does not  make the fabric glossy or shiny and does not have a vinyl feel.

2. Teflon® treatment This is NOT Plastic, NOT Oilcloth, NOT PVC, NOT Vinylized Fabric
A permanent coating that makes the fabric water repellent and stain resistant.
Same properties as acrylic coating except you can not feel the treatment to the touch, it feels like a regular cotton fabric.
Can be washed in a washing machine as regular color cotton, can be ironed.

3. Vinylized Fabric, or more commonly called “Oilcloth” (“Plastified Fabric or PVC)
A material which has been coated with a “PVC” surface on which a pattern is then printed,
This material can be wiped with a wet sponge and cut with scissors into any shape desired.
Can not be washed in a washing machine.
No hemming needed.

          Will I be charged Sales Tax?
If your order is going to a destination in OHIO, it will be charged the local sales tax rate 7%
If your order is to be shipped outside of OHIO, there will be no Sales tax.

         Where are the customers’ orders shipped from?
They are shipped from Cincinnati OH USA.

          How do we ship?
UPS Ground for US domestic orders except  fabric swatch orders which are mailed via USPS.
USPS for International orders
We can also ship using the other UPS services as Next Day Air etc…at the customer’s request and Shipping fees will be charged accordingly after customer is notified of cost.
We can also ship via Fedex if Customer provides us with their Fedex Account #

         How long does it take once your order is placed  for us to ship it out?

If you order online on a Sunday or  Monday, we will receive it at the earliest on the following Tuesday.

Once we have received your order:

–  for products in stock, we ship within  2 – 5 business days, at times, it can be shipped same day.
–  for Special order products, it will vary from 2 to 6 weeks for us to receive the orders, depending on
which supplier it is coming from.To keep in mind (as Special orders come from France) that International Shipments have to go through various stages, the last one being US Customs, which add an unpredictable period of time.        

           Are these products made in China?
Most of our products are made in France, few are made in neighboring countries like Italy as there is a great deal of collaboration especially in the printing industry between France and Italy. As examples, our Provence Cotton fabrics, tablelinens, toiles, other various fabrics, soaps, perfumes, pottery, new China, Antiques are all made in France. 
     Will the Colors of a product seen on my computer monitor be the same once I see it after order is received?All computer monitors reproduce colors in a different way. We try to show in the most faithful way the true colors but it can not be 100% exact.

             How to read Stock Status?

In Stock:  we have it in Stock but in some instances it can take up to 24 hours for inventory status to be updated as some orders can be placed late at night for example in California which is middle of the night for Ohio so Inventory Status then would only be updated next day Eastern Time.

Out of Stock:  we are waiting to learn from supplier if  the same product can be re-ordered.

Sold out:  no longer available. Sometimes we leave such a product up on the web site still marked SOLD OUT as they might be back in production at a later time. For example, a fabric pattern can be suddenly discontinued by the manufacturer but  6 months or a year later, the same manufacturer might decide to  produce a new batch.

In Transit:
product has been ordered and is in the process of being shipped or is on its way to us from France.


         Ready made Tablecloths hemmed or not hemmed?
The ready made cotton tablecloths we import from France are hemmed with a rolled edge and not a bias tape.

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